Specialising in hip and knee surgery, orthopaedic surgeon Mr Lim is a member of the British Hip Society (BHS) and the British Association of Surgeons of the Knee (BASK). Why choose Nuffield Health Newcastle Hospital for your knee arthroscopy? We take quality and safety seriously. may vary according to Consultant fees, prosthesis or drugs used and any Browseour articlesto find trusted information on training, nutrition, getting back to good health and much more. Subscribe to our Newsletter to stay up to date on the latest news, TOP DOCTORS | 85 Tottenham Court Road, London, W1T 4TQ. Browseour articlesto find trusted information on training, nutrition, getting back to good health and much more. We work with you and your insurance provider to get you the treatment you need quickly, Facilities at Newcastle upon Tyne Hospital, Joint Preservation Knee Surgery at Newcastle Hospital, One Stop Breast Clinic at Newcastle Hospital, Orthopaedic surgery at Newcastle Hospital, Spinal and Neurosurgery at Newcastle Hospital, 6 benefits youll get from a free hospital open event, 10 important questions to ask before cosmetic surgery. Proudly created by D Kramer. Queen Victoria Road NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE NE1 4LP. Derek Kramer is a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon with over 20 years of specialist experience for Northumbria NHS Healthcare Trust and private practice. However joints can be replaced successfully, improving mobility and reducing pain, A knee replacement is a procedure to remove your damaged knee joint and replace it with an artificial one (known as a prosthesis), Your knee replacement can be made out of metal or plastic, Following surgery your knee should be much less painful and the joint should move more smoothly, New advances in technology offer a greater range of implant types and sizes, Your surgeon in Newcastle will choose the implant that best suits your body size and lifestyle. Phoenix, AZ 85054 Phone: 480-515-6296; Florida. Nuffield Health Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospital. Mr David Weir does not hold a share or financial interest in this hospital, another Nuffield Health hospital or the company. Partial knee replacement, Find out more. Our gym members get 20% off physiotherapy. The highest standards of clinical care in state-of-the-art facilities, with Consultant-led treatment, spotlessly clean rooms, and a team of dedicated and experienced nurses. Knee arthroscopy , He graduated in medicine in 1993 and finished his basic surgical training in the southeast region. Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon & District NHS Foundation Trust . Clayton Road, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, NE2 1JP. Find out if you benefit from a discounted membership. www.thegardenroomsdilston.co.uk. The most important thing to us is getting you fit and healthy with our network of fitness experts and cutting-edge facilities. Knee surgery , First UK surgeon to use magnetic remote control device in surgery. The International Society for Computer Assisted Orthopaedic Surgery, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon. . Onsite car parking . Shoulder problems: impingement, rotator cuff tears, stiffness, instability, arthritis, Elbow problems: cubital tunnel syndrome, stiffness, tennis/ golfers elbow, arthritis, Wrist/ Hand problems: Rheumatoid arthritis hand, Carpal tunnel syndrome, Dupuytren's contracture, Trigger fingers, ganglions, DeQuiverans tenosynovitis, base of thumb arthritis, small joint arthritis, Upper limb trauma and post-fracture sequelae, British Elbow and Shoulder Society (BESS), British Orthopaedic Sports Trauma and Arthroscopy Asscociation (BOSTAA), Consultant Upper limb Orthopaedic Surgeon at Northumbria Healthcare. Special interests in sports medicine with problems of the shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand. Our physiotherapists specialise in orthopaedic aftercare and work closely with our orthopaedic surgeons to get you back to your feet. Knee osteoarthritis , The content is intended for general information only and does not replace the need for personal advice from a qualified health professional. We offer on-site pathology services and diagnostic imaging including CT and MRI, to help patients after surgery we have on-site physiotherapy specialists. Treatment of chronic anterior locked glenohumeral dislocation with hemiarthroplasty. . Website. If so, you may be suffering from an orthopaedic condition and could benefit from private treatment provided by our leading surgeons at Nuffield Health Newcastle Hospital. If you are suffering from knee pain and want to discuss your treatment options with a specialist, you can book a full consultation with one of our orthopaedic consultants simply by calling 0191 281 6131. Consultant Orthopaedic & Knee Surgeon Nationally regarded knee specialist. Showing 3254 It is important to understand that everyone heals differently, You will continue to improve over the next 6 to 12 months, Your scar should fade to a thin white line, Depending on what type of job you do, you should be able to return to work within 12 weeks, You may want to think about a phased return to work, After your follow-up visit with your surgeon you should be released to drive, but only if you can comfortably operate the pedals and control your car in all situations. Sports Med Arthrosc Rehabil Ther Technol. . See ourCQC ratings. Throat and Head & Neck Surgeon. Nuffield Health Newcastle upon Tyne Hospital Clayton Road Newcastle upon tyne, NE2 1JP 0191 543 7679 newcastle.enquiries@nuffieldhealth.com. S Venkatachalam, P Dixon. Find Orthopaedics services. Our prices are all-inclusive. It may be more convenient for you to carry outyour physiotherapy rehabilitationat our sister gym in Gosforth? In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family, plays badminton and loves travelling. Depending on the level of repair carried out the arthroscopy procedure generally causes very little tissue damage, Your knee will be swollen and sore for the first week following your arthroscopy, Most patients return to normal activity levels within 2 - 3 weeks. Are you in need of a diagnostic knee arthroscopy to identify the severity of your knee condition? Find out more. Hip replacement , Once your operation is over, youll be taken to the recovery room where you will come around from the anaesthetic, Your wounds, blood pressure and pulse will be carefully monitored, Most patients are able to go home the same day as the operation, You wont be able to drive, so you will need someone to come and take you home from the hospital once you have been discharged. Nuffield Health Newcastle Hospital. He qualified in 2001 from Imperial College, London. . Being competent in all approaches to the spine (operating from both the front and back) to treat a wide variety of spinal conditions, as well as current concepts of treatment of the spine, Mr Kasis strives to match the patients condition with the most appropriate technology available through approaches that are less invasive. Phone: 07901 033019 (Penny Powell, Secretary) Fax: 08719898083. Mr Longstaff underwent surgical training in Cambridge and Newcastle upon Tyne followed by Fellowship training in Melbourne and Perth, Australia. Mr Kasis practices as an orthopaedic spinal surgeon in Wansbeck General Hospital, Ashington, Northumberland Hexham General Hospital, Hexham, Northumberland Nuffield Hospital, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne View Mr Kasis' profile at www.nuffieldhealth.com/consultants/mr-ata-kasis Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital in Cramlington, Northumberland Clayton Road, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, NE2 1JP. Charter Veterinary Surgeons, Newcastle-Under-Lyme . Browseour articlesto find trusted information on training, nutrition, getting back to good health and much more. Cosmetic surgery; Diagnostic Imaging; General surgery; Physiotherapy; Men's health; Weight loss; Women's health; View all. I have an MSc in Medical Engineering, awarded from the University of Leeds in 2007. Sport surgery, NDORMS Home Nuffield Department of Orthopaedics, Rheumatology and Musculoskeletal Sciences Log in Contact us Intranet Accessibility About News Events Research Our Team Study with us Jobs Get Involved New global health grant to improve outcomes for patients with hip fracture Read the story Click to read more testimonials. This will keep you hydrated until you are able to drink, and can also be used to give you pain relief. 8. Wrist surgery, Located in Jesmond; you will be working at one of the north easts leading private hospitals, with a Good CQC rating, we have 27 en-suite private bedrooms, 3 state-of-the-art operating theatres, a dedicated breast care unit. stated above is an approximation of the cost of treatment only. Northumberland 'Hadrian's Wall Country' Cottage. Nuffield Health Newcastle Hospital has built an exceptional reputation in the North East for their joint repair accuracy and low revision rates. To make an appointment please call 01782 382507. We have a special focus in the areas of orthopaedics, spinal surgery . Find out if you benefit from a discounted membership. Our gym members get 20% off physiotherapy. Join Nuffield Health and create the future you want, today. After an arthroplasty fellowship at the Golden Jubilee National Hospital, he undertook advanced fellowship training in hip surgery at Leeds. We will equal any comparable price. Clinical Radiology, MB BCh, MSc, FRCS, FRCS (ORL-HNS), CCT (Otol), Specialty The highest standards of clinical care in state-of-the-art facilities, with Consultant-led treatment, spotlessly clean rooms, and a team of dedicated and experienced nurses. > Nuffield Health North Staffordshire Hospital Clayton Road, Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire, ST5 4DB We also provide our orthopaedicpatientswith an enhanced recovery pathway, designed to rehabilate you withphysiotherapy after treatment. Mr Michael G Wyatt. Book Chapters authored:1. He has been providing orthopaedic care to patients in Newcastle and surrounding areas. Partial knee replacement, Mr Andrew Waton Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon ACL reconstruction, Knee replacement, Partial knee replacement, Hip replacement , Knee arthroscopy , Sports injuries Call We understand that you may be anxious or worried about getting up, but we will do all we can to help and reassure you, A member of our Healthcare Team will be there to help you, whenever you are ready, The reason for getting you moving is to improve your circulation and avoid stiffness, You may be feeling tender and sore, but you can get pain relief medication to deal with any discomfort just ask one of the nurses if you have any pain, Once out of bed, you will continue to wear support stockings to help your circulation. Tournquet induced hypoxia after total knee replacement. victorium physical therapy,